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This incredible line of hand crafted tables are a masterpiece in both corporate or residential settings. There are infinate options to create many different looks and styles. Match different bases with the spectacular visual effect of a "SIMPLY ROUNDS" table top. The spectacular visual effects are a trademark of our "SIMPLY ROUNDS" line. There are unique designs in both color and texture.

View the latest in artistic finishes and designer patterns. All artwork is hand produced from fantasy fauxs to tantilizing green marbles. Buy direct from the manufacturer and experience the savings!

Ask about our limited edition of tables signed by artist David Glassberg.

Table Top Sizes:

34" round $1400 to $1525
44" round $1375, 1625, $1825, $1975
48" round $1470, $1675, $1875, $2225
4'x 6' oval $1550, $1825, $1975, $2,025
wave table $1350, $1550, $1600

table bases range from $185 to $450 each
Conference tables available by special order.

Table Top Sizes:

  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
34" round $1400 to $1550 $1525 ------- $1300 Call
44" round $1625 $1825 $1975 $1375 Call
48" round $1675 $1875 $2025 $1245 Call
4'X6' oval $1825 $1975 $2075 $1650 Call
Rect. WaveTable $1724 $1904 ------- $1600 Call

Group 1: Standard two color faux finish; satin topcoat, acryllic lacquer.
Group 2: Faux finish with 1-2 borders.
Group 3: Faux finish with 3-4 borders.
Group 4: Topcoat other than acrylic lacquer: epoxy resin, enamel, urethane.
Group 5: Custom patterns also available, corporate logos.

All finishes are created individually resulting in unique variations to each table and base. We would like to invite you to our showroom to see some of the unique, quality finishes which we offer. Don't forget to inquire about our repair and refinishing services as well.

* Shipping is additional - please call for quotes

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